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SUZUKI 하몬드 오르간 XLK-3

For those of you who haven't heard, this will turn the XK3 keyboard into a two manual ultra portable Hammond Organ with the option of adding bass pedals.

The conversion from XK3C to XKPro System  using the XLK kit takes minutes and involves nothing more complicated than plugging in a couple of cables and dropping the XK3 into the lower manual upgrade and that's it ! No screws no soldering no hassle.

The possibilities offered by this upgrade are phenomenal. Working musicians will have a full blown 2 X 61 note manual Hammond Organ which will fit in the average family car and more importantly, can be carried and set up by 1 person. Because of the ease and speed of converting a single manual XK3 into a two manual XK Pro System it is possible to have a Hammond keyboard which can be utilised as part of a multi keyboard rig in a band and within minutes, turn the same board into a mini B3 type instrument for that Hammond lead duo or trio gig.
Of course you can also buy the complete organ as an XK Pro System as well as the upgrade kit.

Once connected, the XLK automatically plays the lower / left of split drawbars on the lower manual. This is SO IMPORTANT for playing authentic "Hammond Chops". Because you now have two manuals, you can forget about split points. You can now get low down and dirty with the upper manual and hit the lower notes which before were restricted by the keyboards spilt point normally used for left hand chords or bass. The lower manual which is also 61 notes will allow you to play in that "oh so cool" style of left and bass grooves with lower manual generated chords and chops used so much by the likes of Jimmy McGriff, Brother Jack McDuff and the late Jimmy Smith + many more Hammond groovers. Confused, oooops, sorry if I am warbling on a bit in muso lingo. If you attend one of our "Be a Hammond Player Shows" I'll show you what I mean and how to do it.

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