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Laney RB1
The Laney RB1 - the 'baby' of the new Richter line up probably stands out more than the rest simply due to its ability to kick out an enormous amount of sound from such a portable cabinet. Its 8" custom designed speaker seriously delivers and combined with a simple yet versatile front end with switchable compressor it is a winning combination for your bedroom or recording.


Power RMS 15 Watts
Inputs Jack
Equalisation Bass, Mid and Treble
Master Presence Control No
Speaker connections 1x Jack (8 Ohms)
FX Loop(s) No
Drivers 1x8" Custom Driver
Cabinet Design Conventional Combo
Headphone Socket Yes
Enhance No
Compressor Yes
Limiter Yes : Internal
DI Socket No
CD Input Yes (Jack)
Kick Proof Metal Grill Yes
Weight 9.5 Kg
Dimensions (mm) 375 x 364 x 260
Master volume Yes
이름 : 첨부 : 파일첨부
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