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Laney LC50-II

Laney LC50-II 50와트 풀진공관앰프

LC50-II는 출력부 진공관 EL34 x 2 개와   프리부 진공관 ECC83x4개로  이루어져 있습니다. 
리버브는  최상급('F'사 'M'사등의)모델에  들어가는 스프링 리버브 입니다. 

섬세하며 단단한  크린톤채널과,  힘있고  끈적한  진공관 특유의 드라이브채널로 

이루어져 있습니다.  또 뒷면에는 SEND와  RETURN이 있어  다른 기기(이펙터)등을 
연결하여  새로운 사운드를 재현할수 있습니다. 
LC50 - II 는 50w지만  일반(트렌지스터)AMP의  100w급보다  더 힘있고  더 큰 출력을   
자랑 합니다.  스피커는 세레스천(영국)을 사용하여  빈티지한 음색을 자랑합니

다.  LC50-II는 연습용부터  중소 규모의 라이브까지  사용함에 있어 충분한 Amp

입니다.   * 풋스위치 별도판매 


The LC50-II is a sweet sounding amp, the class A/B output section pumps out 50 watts RMS of meaty valve power. Launched in 1997 to worldwide acclaim the LC50-II builds upon the tried and tested tone bed of the original, but R'n'D have managed to squeeze even more tone and performance out of this amplifier. A pair of EL34's push out 50 watts RMS of singing valve power. Clean tones are taken care of by Channel A, fully equipped with its own 3 band EQ whilst lead tones are pumped out by Channel B. Combine flawless tone with an Accutronics reverb and a global FX loop and you have a monster of an amp.

Power RMS 50 Watts
Inputs Hi & Lo Jacks
Channels 2
Equalisation Independent Bass, Middle & Treble for both channels
Bright Switch Yes: On Clean Channel
Preamp Valves Premium ECC83
Output Valves Premium EL34
Switchable valve bias (5881 / EL34) Yes
Class Class A/B
Reverb Yes
Footswitch FS2 (Not included)
Speaker connections Jack
FX Loop(s) Yes
Drivers 1x 12" Celestion 70 Eighty
Weight 25 Kg
Dimensions (mm) 476 x 565 x 330

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