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The ideal choice for smaller studios requiring nearfield monitoring, the perfectly formed PM0.5n offers 70 watts of bi-amped power and produces great full range performance with exceptional neutrality even at high Sound pressure levels. The compact dimensions also enable accurate placement in confined or awkward spaces, with the dispersion from the two way ported enclosure design tailored such that it will deliver a superb sound almost regardless of room acoustics. Features a UFLC 20mm soft dome HF unit and 130mm LF woofer and input gain control.

Available in high gloss black or white finish.

In DetailThe PM0.5n has builkt upon the already extremely high performance audio quality from PM0.5mk2 with improved drivers
Beautiful glossy front baffle with gently tapered top - available in black or white finish
The LF drivers have been developed to obtain extremely pure music reproduction by employing the latest technology in cone material.
The cone uses a mixture of cut and milled fibers that are made from aromatic polyamide. It is then impregnated with resins to simultaneously achieve high rigidity and optimum damping.
The cone also has an olefin film thermally adhered to its surface to control frequency response and to establish long term reliability.
The center dust cap is made of non-wood cellulose material and is also impregnated with resin.
The voice coil is made of super high purity copper wire to achieve extremely low distortion.
The20mm soft dome tweeter employs Fostex’s UFLC technology (Poly Urethane Film Laminated Cloth) to achieve light weight and high stability performance.
The amplifiers are precisely calibrated to match the performance capability of the drivers
Magnetically shielded for proximate setting to video monitor
Elegantly silk-screen printed 'Fostex' logo with blue LED

Enclosure System : 2-way bass-reflex system
HF unit : 20mm Soft Dome
LF Unit : 130mm Aromatic Polyamide
Frequency Response : Free field ± 2dB 50Hz - 20kHz
Low Frequency Cut-Off : 40Hz (-10dB)
High Frequency Cut-Off : 22kHz (-10dB)
Amp Power : Low Frequency: 35 watts, High Frequency: 35 watts
Amp Distortion : less than 0.01% T.H.D. @25W, 4-ohm 20Hz-20kHz
Amp Signal to Noise : less than 84dB, 20Hz-30kHz, unweighted
Amp Slew Rate : 15V / µ sec
Inputs : XLR-3-31(balanced) and 6mm TRS Phone (unbalanced)
Physical Dimensions : 181w x 280h x 260d (mm)
Weight : 6.5kg
Power Requirement / Consumption : 35W (US/CND), 40W (OTHERS)

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